Corporate Governance & Group Dynamics

ISBN: 978-978-919-954-6

“The Author has been a great advocate of good corporate governance practice in Nigeria since it became a discipline of interest to practitioners in the country. He has taught it, preached it, and written on it consistently, bringing his understanding and expertise on the subject to bear on his interactions with his audiences over the years. For me, this book offers additional confirmation of his scholarly commitment, which is evident in the scope and depth of discussions, the propositions as well as the analysis of the principles of corporate governance as they apply to groups. I must commend the Learned Senior Advocate for making this significant contribution to the jurisprudence of corporate governance.

I, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending this book as an authoritative text on the subject for the benefit of companies, boards, shareholders, regulators, directors, managers, stakeholders and indeed all who are interested in seeing that our corporations become increasingly well-governed”.

– Dr. Christopher Kolade CON,
Formerly Pro-Chancellor, Pan-Atlantic University;
Formerly, Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom;
Formerly, President, Society for Corporate Governance


5B, Lawani Oduloye Street, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos.