Brief Insights II

Brief Insights: A Selection of Milestone Cases (Vol 2) is a careful selection of cases celebrating the progressive matters brought by litigants before Nigerian Courts, the persuasive arguments of Counsel and the well-reasoned and (in some cases) landmark decisions that have enriched legal practice and jurisprudence in recent times. Since the publication of the first edition of the Brief Insights in 2018, we have conducted several cases bordering on varying areas of law, including arbitration, administrative and constitutional law, and commercial law.

Following the fantastic reception of the first volume, this second volume contains Eighteen carefully curated cases of national importance that colleagues have handled within the period. The cases presented in this volume cover energy, finance, telecommunications, national policy, labour and other areas of law, and the arguments put forward in them have, without doubt, assisted the courts in arriving at decisions that continue to shape the legal landscape for trade, commerce and other aspects of the Nigerian society.

Professor Fabian Ajogwu, OFR, SAN, FCArb
Chairman, Governance Board, Kenna Partners

Fair Hearing (Second Edition)

“The principles of fair hearing are fundamental rules of procedure and pivotal in ensuring fairness and justice to all parties in any legal or quasi-legal proceedings. The principles form the foundation of law and justice without which society would fall into chaos.”

Ejembi Eko, JSC
Supreme Court of Nigeria

Corporate Governance in Nigeria: Law and Practice (Second Edition)

“I believe this book would be a useful resource for board members, stakeholders and all who have an interest in the effective governance of companies.”

Mr Adedotun Sulaiman
Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria
November 30, 2020

The Law & Practice of Private Equity

ISBN: 978-84-1346-638-5

eBook available in Thomson Reuters ProView

“A void of knowledge will be filled as the book draws real-life examples from businesses that have benefitted from private equity, highlighting private equity as a significant option for startups, as well as businesses that cannot afford debt financing, arising from the inability to meet the requirements.”

Professor Enase Okonedo
Dean, Lagos Business School

Outcomes-Based Governance: A Modern Approach To Corporate Governance

ISBN: 978-14-8513-568-5

“The book on Outcomes-Based Governance is timely because for far too long people have taken the approach of ticking the boxes and it will be great if the focus is on the outcome of what they are doing, and how they can continue to maintain trust and credibility”.

Mr Oscar Onyema
Director General, Nigerian Stock Exchange

Commercial Arbitration In Nigeria: Law & Practice (Third Edition)

ISBN: 978-84-9197-666-0

eBook available in Thomson Reuters ProView

“This book presents a broad procedure for dispute resolution through Arbitration. It gives a distilled analysis to statutory and case law positions regarding Arbitral Proceedings with greater emphasis on relevant International Conventions.

It further provides good insight into the preliminary and major issues being encountered in Arbitral Proceedings in Nigeria by Legal and Arbitration practitioners … with this book, no excuse could any longer be proffered for seeking foreign authors in the field of Arbitration in Nigeria.”

–  Hon Justice Kayode Eso, JSC, CON
Formerly Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria


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