The Firm’s internship programme is primarily designed for students who are either studying law or about to embark on a professional legal qualification. In exceptional circumstances, we will also consider undergraduates who are keen to study law at a later stage. It is currently divided into two batches, January – February Internship and July – August Internship. Our internship placements afford students the opportunity to be exposed to all areas of expertise of the firm, providing a rounded experience of legal practice.


We are looking for candidates that possess excellent academic skills along with the enthusiasm and commitment to delivering the highest professional standards. We will be looking for some of the key attributes required to become a successful lawyer which include: attention to details, analytical abilities, interpersonal and communication as well as organisational skills, teamwork, determination, and of course the drive/desire to work at Kenna Partners.

Application Process

The application process starts a year in advance and begins with the submission of a Curriculum Vitae using the application on the right, along with a personal statement (max. 1000 words) telling us about your aspirations and ideals. Proof of current institution should also be provided as well as a clear indication of the internship scheme you would like to be considered for.