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Kenna Partners Supports Society for Art Collection (SARTCOL) in Art Studio Tour initiative

On May 1, 2021, members of Kenna Partners and friends of the Society for Art Collection (SARTCOL) visited Engr. Ibikunle Dashur’s private gallery and studio located on Lakowe Lakes and Resort, Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos for what could be likened to ‘arts immersion’.  The event was part of SARTCOL’s mission to educate the public on art collection and art appreciation.

Touring his private gallery, a modern and tastefully designed duplex with solely his artworks exhibited, Dashur shared his personal experience and connection with each of his paintings. While some guests explored his art, by personally interpreting them, others enjoyed the moments, sharing how appealing and engaging the works are to them.

The tour also featured a practical session at his studio, where Dashur showed his creative processes with detailed explanation of how and what makes his works unique. It was an avenue to learn, have fun and network with other art enthusiasts and collectors.

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