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Kenna Partners Sponsors Art Exhibition Titled “The Works of My Hands”

On August 4, 2019, Chinyere Akachukwu an Associate at Kenna Partners, welcomed family, friends and the public to her first Art Exhibition. The Art Exhibition was titled, “The Works of My Hands” and the themed was centred around the relationships between individuals and society.

Chinyere showcased a wide collection of about 24 pieces of her Acrylic paintings. Each individual piece was very expressive and thought provoking as the viewers were able to interpret to a large extent, some parts of the stories and motives behind them. Particularly interesting were the series the paintings were divided into such as “Does Nudity make you uncomfortable?” “Constraints” “Let them talk”, etc.

Kenna Partners sponsored the debut of one its own, Chinyere, into the art circle because the Firm is enthusiastic about encouraging a healthy work-life balance, creativity, as well the resilient spirit of top entrepreneurs, among its staff.

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