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Authorship and Copyright: The Effects of the Emergence of AI and AI-Generated Work on Copyrights

The term artificial intelligence (AI) conjures imagery of sentient machines and a futurist reality where humanoid robots are a part of the workforce. Whilst this representation is largely exaggerated, a society where machines exist and assist with everyday tasks is not farfetched, as artificial intelligence is ubiquitous today.

The prevalence of AI ranges from facial recognition in our smartphones, to the use of autoreply, chatbots and AI in creating artistic works. The introduction of AI into the creative process has necessitated an inquiry into the analysis of what AI really is and the impact of AI on Copyright.

Hence, this article will explore the concept of AI and Copyright, the legal framework for the protection of AI-generated works, the impact of AI on copyright protection and other issues that have arisen due to the interaction of AI and Copyright.