Fair Hearing

ISBN: 978-978-912-804-4

“This book provides a practical evaluation of the substantive as well as procedural approach to the concept and principles of fair hearing, which is crucial to the administration of justice in any legal system.

It is a text book as opposed a source book presents the meaning of fair hearing and fair trail, analyzes of the right to a fair hearing under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, making references to decide cases under the Constitution as well as under the equivalent provisions the 1979 Constitution and further provide the substantive law and insights into the attitude of Nigerian courts on the subject.

The twin principles of audi alteram partem (let the other side be heard) and nemo judex in causa sua (that no one should be a judge in his own case) are discussed comprehensively in the context of constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights.”

– Hon Justice SMA Belgore GCON,
Formerly, Chief Justice of Nigeria


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