Collecting Art: A Handbook

ISBN: 978-978-845-791-6

This book is a primer for the Art Collector. It describes the characteristics of a great art collector and the elements of a great collection. It shows why every collector should have an objective for the collection and how to go about it. It does not attempt to answer the question of why or how people become avid and sometimes even compulsive, collectors of works of art; nor is it a sociological or academic study. However, it tries in a “systematic, knowledgeable, and organised way”, to be a “how-to” guide for the novice as well as established collectors; for art enthusiasts – journalists and critics; dealers and gallery owners; investors and scholars, on how to navigate the complex, and often-tortuous paths of art collection.

“This book is a timely intervention in art collection evolution and the improvement of the social practice of art collections in Nigeria. It addresses the situation by providing a smooth transition from unserious collector to a dedicated and conscientious collector.”

Femi Richard, Renowned Art Collector

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