Alumnus of Kenna Partners Flies High

The pursuit of excellence in all we do as individuals and as a Firm is one of reasons why we achieve stellar results in all our endeavours. Whether locally or internationally, staff and alumni of Kenna Partners always stand out as the best.

A clear cut example of The Firm’s spirit of excellence in action is shown by Oludolapo Makinde, a Kenna alumnus. Oludolapo is a Nigerian-trained legal practitioner pursuing graduate studies at the Allard School of Law. She’s currently concluding her research masters and will commence a Ph.D. at Allard in the fall. Her research masters focused on an evaluation of Nigeria’s corporate governance framework and her Ph.D. research seeks to examine how corporate governance can be used as a tool to tackle corruption.

When asked how she became interested in her research topic, she answered: “After I obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 2013, I had the opportunity to practice with the law firm of Kenna Partners for a period of 4-years. The Firm’s Principal Partner, Fabian Ajogwu, SAN, is a professor of corporate governance, so I had the opportunity to learn quite a lot from him on the subject. Such that although I started out working in both the litigation and corporate practice units, towards my 2nd year at the firm, I developed a particular interest in corporate law and really enjoyed working as company secretary (through the corporate unit), to companies and not-for-profit organizations. I saw first-hand how businesses were run and I was enthusiastic about guiding boards of directors towards not only making decisions that are in keeping with the laws of the land, but also sustainable in the long term. I therefore decided to pursue graduate studies and chose to first embark on a holistic examination of Nigeria’s corporate governance system to get a sense of its strengths, weaknesses and suggest possible ways it could be improved upon. This formed the basis of my research masters which I recently concluded. My Ph.D. takes a step from further from this to examine how corporate governance can be used as a tool to tackle a deeply-rooted ill in many societies⁠—corruption.”

At Kenna Partners, we create in one another, a healthy thirst to be positively outstanding in all we do. We understand that the future starts now and we make sure to strive for the absolute best results wherever we find ourselves.

Viva Kenna Partners!


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