Working at Kenna


Through a combination of learning on the job, function specific training, peer reviews and mentoring, working at Kenna Partners is made as interesting and as varied as the requirement for the modern day well-rounded professional demands. This is what we proudly refer to as the ‘Kenna Edge’.

The Kenna Edge covers our professional and career development resources for associates and counsel, and includes:

a)    Structured mentoring program for junior associates;
b)    Diverse and engaging work schedule that includes organised processes for staffing and distributing work assignments for associates;
c)    Function specific training for all counsel and staff that focus on their areas of immediate and long term needs.

At Kenna Partners, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves by the premium we place on our people. This takes form, most notably, in our uniquely tailored programmes, which we see as direct solutions to the needs of our diverse professionals.

The Women’s Grey Initiative
This is a high performance leadership and mentoring support programme for female counsel and associates. The programme provides a good forum for interaction, exchange of ideas, and mentorship of colleagues going through different stages of work-to-life challenges and growth over time. Participants work together and maintain good communication in the forum, anchored by Practice Leaders in order to provide support that is inclusive of everyone, and represent the diversity within the Firm.

Flexible Maternity
The Flexible Maternity (MatFlex) provides flexibility to women, returning from maternity leave after the birth or child adoption. MatFlex allows staff to design an extended return programme that has reduced working hours and a combination of flexi-time on a need basis during a defined period of time.

Counsel Away
Through Counsel Away, Kenna lawyers in good standing may leave the firm for up to two years with the expectation that they will return at the end of that period, consistent with the needs of their respective practice units and teams. Counsel on this programme remain connected to their Kenna colleagues.

Other benefits include:
•    Multi-faith/ Reflection room
•    Paternity leave
•    Family health benefits
•    Reduced hours programme
•    Wellness program (work-life balance) – lifestyle / well-being programs that include discussions on health, exercises and team building events