Intermodal Carriage


Kenna Partners’ Intermodal Carriage Unit deals with admiralty related transactions, and the broader area of transportation of goods by sea, air and other media. We cover international or local shipping transactions, which may be contentious or non contentious. We provide legal advisory and representation services in the maritime industry, which involves representation of our clients in contentious matters; as well as maritime arbitral proceedings. We also provide legal services in respect of purchase and registration of vessels, charter parties, bills of laden, cargo claims, amongst others. Our non-contentious work also involves wet shipping, wherein we advise on collisions, salvage, and marine pollution. Our Unit’s approach is based on the fact that our clients’ risks do not always end when the goods in question arrive on land, and therefore we also provide legal advisory services in the area of transportation of goods by air as well as sea, and beyond, and advise on insurance related issues of such goods.

Kenna Partners has a broad client base which covers both local and foreign maritime jurisdictions. We currently represent International Shipping Lines, Private Ship Owners, Shipyards, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs, Brokers, Maritime Logistics Companies, Maritime Security Companies, as well as Freight Forwarders. The Firm has a good understanding of the workings of the maritime industry, both at home and abroad. A wealth of experience which has been harnessed over time enables us deal to with each task as a unique problem; our attention to detail and our drive for excellence helps us resolve each and every one of them.